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Information source driven by community

What is OpenCrypto Data?

OpenCrypto database is a community-based collection of all crypto related projects (ledgers, assets, exchanges, etc.). Current sources of crypto data are privately owned, hard to verify and missing universal specifications. That is a limitation for anyone willing to build new tools, libraries or (d)apps over the blockchain networks.

We want to solve it by defining information structure of all crypto related data (OpenCrypto Schema) and building the database itself. At the same time we are developing libraries & tools for anyone who wants to use those data.

In the near future, we are going to focus on setting rules for autonomous public validation and building real-time APIs over decentralized database (for example via IPFS).

We use GitHub as our main data structure.
You can contribute by updating data repositories.

The database is licensed under ODC Open Database License (ODbL) which allows sharing, creating or adapting of data.
As long as you attribute, share-alike and keep open. Read full text

How to use or contribute

Whole database is publicated on GitHub – open for reviews and contributions.

Access and Validation
- Tools and Libraries for various programming languages
- Data Explorer

Editing and updating
- Open for everyone on GitHub

Anyone is invited to report invalid data or join the community that is maintaining them.

Data Structure & Schema

Data are divided to collections of deeply nested JSON documents (source files are writen in YAML) by their purpose like Projects, Assets or Exchanges (see complete list). Every property is specified in our OpenCrypto Schema standard, which is typed in JSON Schema vocabulary.

Our schema is designed to be easy to understand and to encompass all data properties that are needed. If you miss some property or have another issue to discuss, you can create a new Schema Issue on GitHub.

Integrate through Libraries and Tools

You can use tools & libraries bellow for easy access to our data.
More languages and handy stuff is going to be added soon (PHP, Ruby, data export...).



Discover data in Data Explorer

Explorer lets you filter and review all data in OpenCrypto database.

Data are visualized in the same way as they are structured in Schema. That helps users to understand how are data represented in source files.

Anyone can use explorer to submit Issues directly to Github and in the future you will be able to compare changes in branches and browse through the history.


We are an open community, so if there is anything you want to ask us, leave feedback or just say “Hi” - You can always reach us on, or post questions on social networks.
Our chat, where you can discuss everything about database.
Channel: #open-data
GitHub Issues
Place for reporting bugs or improvement proposals.

If you are Front-end /Back-end, UX Designer, Data Analyst or just a fan with interesting ideas,
please write us a mail to